Entry - The Elibe Modern Verse
For my entry, I decided to write an AU featuring Elibe, if Elibe were like most places in North America at our current time. I wrote four separate stories for the BB. The entire series can be found on Archive of Our Own, but I'll link to individual stories for the sake of convenience.

I would like to thank samuraiter for beta-ing for me, as well as giving me encouraging comments about my writing during the process.

Story One — And Then There Were—
Characters / Pairings: Pent/Louise, Erk
Rating: G
Words: 2671
Summary: Erk goes on an archeological dig in the deserts of Nabata. Unfortunately, his car breaks down, he gets sunstroke, and Pent is somehow convinced that they've unearthed dragon bones...
AO3 | LJ | DW

Story Two — Troubles are Lighter When Shared
Characters / Pairings: Hector, Lyn, Eliwood, Uther, Ninian, Nils, and a surprise guest appearance by Asthor.
Rating: PG
Words: 1755
Summary: Lyn is distracted, Eliwood is himself, and Hector needs to stop forgetting to tell his friends that his older brother's taken in two (somewhat strange) amnesiac siblings.
AO3 | LJ | DW

Story Three — Anger and the Art of Cooking
Characters / Pairings: Priscilla, Lucius, and Raven
Rating: PG
Words: 1643
Summary: Raven cooks to de-stress. That's all the reason anyone needs to read this fic, I think.
AO3 | LJ | DW

Story Four — Seven Days, Four Men, and a Wyvern
Characters / Pairings: Heath, Legault, Lloyd, Linus, lots of cameos. Some mild Legault->Heath flirting, but nothing meant seriously.
Rating: PG-13 for Linus's mouth
Words: 4,857
Summary: Heath must transport a wyvern from the preservation in Bern to a university in Etruria. He has the Black Fang to help him. It actually goes better than one might expect, except for the part where Hyperion needs to stop eating parts of the transport vehicle.
AO3 | LJ | DW

(My apologies, I was unsure how to properly format and tag this post. I will be happy to make any changes as needed.)

tried to reach deep
Slight change in plans. Instead of a post of summaries, we're going to have writers directly contact mixers/artists/betas on the post. Please keep talk of your summary plot and such in PMs/emails, but you can ask if the mixer/fanartist can help you, list the pairings/characters/game it's set in, and then take it from there.

Note that there's still a lot of you I need to hear from. Now is the time to drop, if you're not interested so we can start working on fanart and mixing aspect. If you're still in, then I need your first drafts and summaries at seneai (at) yahoo.com. Note that Yahoo kind of hates me, so I may have to PM you to reply, so make sure you allow your account to receive PMs.

mod post: check in
tried to reach deep
It's time for the first drafts and summaries. Send them to seneai (at) yahoo.com, with the summary and draft in the body of the mail. Please note if you've already got a beta, artist or fanmixer. I'll then post the summaries and try and connect people with artists, betas and mixers.

Don't worry about how completed you are right now--whether you're finished or not, this is just to check on process, and you've all got a good couple of months before it's due. ♥

mod post: check in
tried to reach deep
Sorry for the lapse, my computer issues continued far longer than I thought they would, so my net going has been somewhat more limited.

It's time for a check in. How are you doing? If you want to drop, now is the time before I start assigning artists.

Because of the lapse, the timeline is now:

October 30th check in
First Drafts and Summaries due: December 5th
The deadline for final submission: February 1st
Posting will last until Valentine's day.

mod post: sign ups, revised timeline.
tried to reach deep
Sign ups are now closed.

I decided a little more time is in order, so here's your revised timeline:

September 15th check in
First Drafts and Summaries due: November 30th
The deadline for final submission: December 21st
Posting will last until the new year.

Enjoy your breather, but don't forget to write ♥ On a similar note, the next round of FE_fest will start in Jan-Feb, so look forward to it!

(no subject)
tried to reach deep
An extension was asked for, plus I'm busy, so signups will continue until the end of the month. So tell your friends, or keep writing. Whatever you please.

Sign ups for betaing/mixing/art are still open as well, and will continue to be until the big bang is over.

If there's any questions, feel free to ping me via PM or comment here.

(no subject)
tried to reach deep
Sign ups for the bigbang are now closed, so get writing! Edit: An extension was asked for, so signups will continue until the end.

Sign ups for betaing/mixing/art are still open and will continue to be until the big bang is over.

If there's any questions, feel free to ping me via PM or comment here.

rules and sign ups.
tried to reach deep
Big bang challenges are for longer fic, so let's break those lj posts!

-there's two rounds a year, one is spring/summer and one in fall/winter. The Spring/Summer one will be the longer (take advantage of those lazy summer days!), while the fall/winter will be the smaller. The current minimums are 10k for the first, and 5k for the second. They may or may not be subject to adjusting in subsequent journals.

-You can work alone or in groups. This could work as you and the others co-writing a story, or you each submitting parts of a continuous verse or anthology type thing based on a theme.

-Your story does have to be complete at posting, but it doesn't have to be one continuous story. In essence, you could do a several related fics in a same verse to make up a ficverse, or a set with a similar theme. (For example, one year for tenipuribigbang, a group and I did an anthology of fairytale retellings. So that's what I'm talking about here.) You could also have a finished piece which you later write a sequel to.

-the fic in question cannot be something already posted and unfinished. It can, however, be something you already started as long as the original wordcount is less than 1k and said wordcount isn't added towards your initial total.

-Because artists in FE fandom are a rare commodity and we don't want to work our poor fanartists into the ground, unlike a lot of big bang communities, unless we get a lot of volunteers, art and mixes will optional. (And yes, you can draw your own if you wish.)

-All fic will be proofread for errors by another person before posting.

Sign ups: begin June 11th and end at July 12th.
First Drafts and Summaries due: August 15th
The deadline for submission: October 14th.

If you're not interested in writing, there's a sign up sheet for betas, artists and mixers right here.

Beta/Artists/mixers post
tried to reach deep
Rules forthcoming.

This is a post for networking of authors and potential artists, mixers and betas for the first round of FE Big bang.

Please use this format for posting:
I will: (draw; mix; beta; all of the above)
I would prefer to: (put your preferences for games/character/pairings if possible)
I would prefer not to: (what games you haven't played/don't know, if you'll draw or work with NC-17 content stuff or other content issues, something else which you really don't want to work with and so on.)
Other details: (how many projects you're willing to help on, miscellaneous notes and so on)

Keep it civil. All that's needed is to say "I'd rather not do this" rather than a ten page diatribe on why the thing in question fails forever.


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